19th-20th of October 2023,  Munich

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We are happy to welcome everyone on the 2nd Annual E-Motors Technology Conference which will be held on the 19th - 20th of October 2023 in Munich, Germany.

Today, e-motor technology is delivering diminishing returns on investment when compared to previous years, however the industry is now facing a new set of never-before-seen challenges.

Supply chains are constrained, there are new recyclability demands to reduce the environmental footprint of e-motors and an ongoing push to make smaller, more powerful, cheaper, and more sustainable e-motors.

  • For most of the e-motor segment, learning about technology trends is a number one priority, as people are looking for different types of e-motors to solve different problems in different circumstances.
  • While the segment is maturing, there is continued progress in making e-motors smaller, more powerful, and more sustainable. There is a greater drive for building a circular economy around materials being used, recyclability is no longer an afterthought - it is being built into design.
  • Designing and building motors without rare earth magnets is a much bigger priority now than it has ever been because of supply chain issues and the current geopolitical situations.

Key points

  • Powertrain optimisation
  • Role of electric motor in ultimate comfort and safety for the next-generation EV
  • Power electronics
  • Current & future e-motor technology trends
  • Cheaper, more robust & more effcient e-motors
  • Thermal management
  • New materials that can replace neodymium and other rare earth metals

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