4th Annual Plastics Recycling Hybrid Conference

8th-9th of December 2022, 8:30 CET


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We are pleased to welcome you to the 4th Annual Plastic Recycling Conference that will take place in Berlin, Germany 8th-9th of December with online stream via BigMarker Platform (Hybrid version).

Join us for an event which offers a meeting place for top manufacturers, researchers, academics, decision-makers and other business professionals who are keen to share their knowledge and experience in the most recent trends of plastics recycling.

The conference represents a unique opportunity for learning, exchanging opinions, and expanding one’s network enabled by live presentations followed by dynamic Q&A sessions – providing the attendees with valuable insights from the representatives from key industries of the related to plastics including packaging, food and beverage, retail, textiles, automotive, and construction will discuss and debate the latest research, sustainable product design, new manufacturing solutions, recycling and reuse of products and raw materials, as well as the latest and next-generation bio-sourced materials and solutions to create reusable, biodegradable and compostable products.

The 4th Annual Plastic Recycling Conference is a great platform for learning, exchanging opinions, and expanding one’s network enabled by live presentations followed by dynamic questions & answers sessions as well as panel discussions and workshops with keynote speakers.


Key points

  • The Future of Plastics Recycling: Triboelectrostatic Separation; Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Automated Learning; Plastic-Munching Bacterial Species; Chemical Recycling and Waste-To-X.
  • Sustainable Innovations: Non-Recyclable Plastic; A Plant Protein-Based Replacement; Triggerable Smart Polymer Material Systems; Sustainable Biocomposites; The Sustainable Potential of AI.
  • Circular Economy Principles to Plastic Pollution: Produce Plastics from Alternative Feedstocks; Plastic Waste as A Resource; Barriers to The Circular Economy; Sustainable Business Models; Technological Innovation in Processing for Increased Recycled Quality and Throughput.
  • Waste Management: Applications, Treatments, And Reuse of Plastics; Microplastic; Plastic-Free; Marine/Aquatic Clean-Up Technologies; Biodegradability Testing.
  • Environmental Impact: Environmental Concerns and Problems of Plastics; The Global Accumulation of Plastic Waste; Microplastics Contamination; Health Implications and Impacts.


  • 11+ different topics
  • panel discussion
  • networking with business professionals and industry experts
  • additional materials
If you would like to participate, kindly book your spot. The seats are limited.
Broadcast Link will be provided via email post registration.

Event Schedule

08:30 – 09:00 CET

Registration and welcome drink

09:00 – 09:10 CET

Opening Remarks from BCF representative

09:10 – 09:30 CET


09:30 – 09:40 CET

Welcome and Opening Remarks from The Chairman, Opening Remarks for Online Delegates

09:40 – 11:00 CET

Session 1 : The Future Of Plastics Recycling + Q&A

11:00 – 11:15 CET

Coffee Break and Networking

11:15 – 12:35 CET

Session 2 : Sustainable Innovations + Q&A

12:35 – 14:00 CET

Lunch Time

14:00 – 14:20 CET

Sponsor Slot

14:20 – 15:40 CET

Session 3 : Circular Economy Principles to Plastic Pollution + Q&A

15:40 – 15:55 CET

Coffee break & Networking Working

15:55 – 16:15 CET

Panel Discussion: What are new challenges to develop more environmentally friendly products?

16:15 – 16:15 CET

Closing remarks

19:00 – 21:00 CET

Cocktail Reception and Networking Time

09:00 – 09:30 CET

Registration and welcome drink

09:30 – 09:30 CET

Opening Remarks from BCF representative

09:40 – 09:50 CET


09:50 – 11:10 CET

Session 4 : Waste Management + Q&A

11:10 – 11:25 CET

Coffee Break & Networking

11:25 – 12:45 CET

Session 5 : Environmental Impact + Q&A

12:45 – 13:45 CET

Lunch Time

13:45 – 13:55 CET

Closing remarks and Evaluation Time


Eino Järvinen
Project Manager
Istekki Oy
Franz-Xaver Keilbach
Global Application & Product Manager Circular Economy / Recycling
KraussMaffei Extrusion GmbH
Maximilian Wende
Process Development for Polymer Recycling
Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging IVV
Luis Hoffmann
Technologist Polymer Recycling
Hannah Mangold
Team Lead Polymer Recycling
Siddharth Bagri
Specialist Recycling Technologies
Landbell AG für Rückhol-Systeme
Malin zu Castell-Rüdenhausen
Senior Scientist
VTT Technical Research Center
Malene Møhl, M.Sc
Special consultant; Technology, development and resources
The Technical and Environmental Administration
Dr Olivier Ceysson
Innovation & Sustainability Director
GERFLOR – The Flooring Group


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Conference Manager
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