6th Annual Sustainable Cleaning Products and Formulation Conference

16th-17th of November 2023

Prague, Czechia

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The 6th Annual Sustainable Cleaning Products and Formulation Conference will take place on the 16rd-17th of November in Prague, Czechia. This 6th edition will cover sustainability metrics, green ingredients, sustainable packaging, formulation and hygiene and consumer impacts.

With advancements in biotechnology, more enzymes, probiotics, and biosurfactants are becoming commercially available, shifting the industry towards new ways to clean. With the sustainability efforts of most cleaning product firms focusing on reducing environmental footprints. With growing concerns about sustainable sources of raw materials, the Green Ingredients session covers important developments.

The 6th Annual Sustainable Cleaning Products & Formulation Conference is a great platform for learning, exchanging opinions, and expanding one's network enabled by live presentations followed by dynamic questions & answers sessions as well as panel discussions and workshops with keynote speakers.

The 2 Days of the conference will include Q&A sessions as well as a panel discussion, round tables with some of the keynote speakers', opportunity to communicate in formal and informal atmosphere.


Key points

  • Consumer Impacts: Trends For Home Care; Covid 19; Supply Chain; Outstandingly Low Carbon Footprint
  • Green Ingridients: 100% Biobased, Segregated Ethoxylated Surfactants, HPI For Home Care, Biosurfactants
  • Formulation: Sustainability Metrics; Net Emissions
  • Hygiene: Cleaning For Health; Laundry Products, Validation
  • Packaging And Supply Chain: Green Package
  • Waste Reduction, Supply Chain, Cost Optimization

Who should attend

General Managers, Chief Engineers, Research Leads, Department Managers,
Deputy Managers, Supervisors, Senior Engineers, Senior Specialists:

  • R&D representatives
  • Packaging producers
  • Retailers and distributors
  • Health and environment related NGOs
  • Corporate Social Responsibility managers
  • Cleaning products brand and product owners
  • Chemicals and raw materials producing companies
  • Sustainability and environment management leaders

Advisory Board

Delia Galindo
Senior Formulation Chemist | Home Care
Innospec Performance Chemicals


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Conference Manager
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